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Block Google Analytics Access Downloads

Google Analytics is a service that offers information about a website's traffic.

This set puts at your disposal a few applications that will let you prevent your information from being sent to Google Analytics.

Block Google Analytics Access download selection is a descendant of our Google Analytics Blocker by Bill White customized for you:

  1. AdGuard
    AdGuard Download
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    (62 votes)

    AdGuard can filter out annoying advertisement and popups.

    AdGuard can filter the Internet contents to avoid annoying advertisements and popups. Luckily, it supports practically all browsers and...

  2. NoTracks Anti-Tracker
    NoTracks Anti-Tracker
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    Excellent privacy protection tool to block websites that track your actions.

    ...blocks any attempt to record your Internet activity coming from certain websites, such as Google Analytics, Google ...Firefox, Google Chrome...

  3. cg4ie
    cg4ie Download
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    An Internet Explorer extension that enhances Google search results.

    ...Images * Secure Gmail and Google Calendar, switch to https * Block Google Analytics cookies * Anonymize your Google userid * Add a result...

Some Block Google Analytics Access downloads, not featured in Google Analytics Blocker

  1. AVG Web TuneUp
    AVG Web TuneUp Download
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    (32 votes)

    AVG Web TuneUp is a browser extension that offers a safer browsing experience.

    ...browser add-on for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and ...blocking trackers from social networks, ad networks, and web analytics; Browser...

Block Google Analytics Access